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Quarterly Update: April 2023-June 2023

Beacon Center has worked diligently over these last three months to continue to provide hope, safety, and resources for members of our community. Below are a few of the things we have been up to!

Emergency Shelter

As the weather has gotten warmer, our emergency shelter has been fuller than usual. In June, we have provided emergency shelter to 17 victims of domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking; a 53% increase compared to the month of April.

Direct Service Coordinator, Oriel Ching, theorizes that summer months are a busier time for the Beacon Center because "people are more likely to be out and about and less likely to encounter harsh temperatures when attempting to leave their home".

Family Visitation Center

Summer visits are in full swing! Beacon Center's Family Visitation Center has served 18 families and 32 children between the months of April and June.


Beacon Center hosted our annual Walk A Mile in Her Shoes event on April 27, 2023. We had over 100 participants march to raise awareness for rape, sexual assault and gender violence!

Beacon Center staff has also participated in community awareness events over the past few months, hosting tables at Power 106.3 Radio's Fantasy Garage Kickoff, KXLG's Go Blue program, and Pride in the Park.

Ongoing Training

Members of Beacon Center staff have attended various conferences, including the International Conference on Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, and Fighting for Change in Chicago, the Supervised Visitation Network's Annual Conference in Newport Beach, and the South Dakota Nonprofit Network's Annual Conference in Brookings, SD.

Executive Director Dawn Sikkink states that "ongoing training is vital. Because Beacon Center is a service-oriented agency, we need to ensure that all of our information, practices and methods are up to date and accurate."

We are so thankful for the grant funding that covers these training expenses and ensures that we are continually serving our community in the most effective manner.

Thank You!

Beacon Center’s day to day services rely on community generosity and support. Our mission is furthered through generous supporters like you who provide monetary donations, visit our website, share resources such as toiletry items or food items for our pantry, and raise awareness in our community. We hope you know how vital you are to making a difference. Thank you!

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