Family Visitation Center

The Family Visitation Center provides a safe, child-friendly environment in which children and families can visit each other and become reacquainted with one another. The Family Visitation Center provides both visitation and exchanges. Visitations include Child Protection Service (CPS) visits and non-CPS visits. The facility offers three visitation rooms that are monitored through audio and video technology.

Visitation Room
Visitation Room
Visitation Room

Supervised Visitation

CPS visits are supervised for families in which the children have been removed from the home and are now in the state's custody. Non-CPS Visits are either court ordered or private. Non-CPS families utilize our services due to protection orders, divorce, or because a custodial parent wants their children to get familiar with the non-custodial parent before at home visits take place.
The custodial and non-custodial parents both enter through separate entrances. Staff escort the child(ren) to and from the visitation. All visits are viewed through the monitor system unless a client is suspected of or found guilty of any type of sexual misconduct. If the visiting parent is suspected or found guilty of sexual misconduct, the visit will be videoed and a staff member will sit in the room during the visit. Along with every visit being recorded, a staff member journals every five minutes exactly what is happening in the visit. When journaling, staff can only write facts. Example: Sarah is smiling. Not: Sarah is smiling because she is happy. The information being documented should be documented in a way that allows the reader to “see” what occurred during the visit. Example, “Susan, Sarah’s mom, sits down on the floor and asks Sarah if she wants to play Barbies. Sarah smiles as she sits down next to her, and picks out a doll.”
The video recordings of the visits are kept for six months after services have ended. All information is kept confidential. Visit information can only be obtained through a subpoena. Staff members do not intervene during a visit unless staff feels the child(ren) is in any type of danger. Staff members have the right to terminate or cancel any visit if they feel the child is currently being abused or if drugs or alcohol use is suspected. Staff members are required to watch the clients at all times. When the visit has ended, the staff member will enter the visitation room and take the child(ren) back to the custodial parent. The non-custodial parent must wait in the visitation room until the custodial parent has left. Once the custodial parent and the child(ren) are gone from the property, the staff member will let the non-custodial parent leave.

Safe Exchanges

The Family Visitation Center provides for the exchange of children between parents, creating an atmosphere where the children will not be exposed to parental conflicts. The custodial and non-custodial parents both enter through separate entrances. Staff will then escort the child between parents.


For more information contact

Emily Halvorson

Family Visistation Coordinator