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Inter-lakes Community Action Partnership Programs

*Early Head Start- is an expansion of the regular Head Start program, in which low-income households are assisted with appropriate early childhood development activities. Pregnant women and families with children ages 0 to 3 are eligible. Family development, child development, and community-based services are the key components of the program.

*Head Start- The Head Start program was created in 1965, and ICAP has provided Head Start services since that time. Each enrolled child and his/her family receive an array of education, health, social, and nutrition services. Parental involvement is strongly encouraged, and the program provides opportunities for volunteer activities and involvement through the Policy Council. Services are provided in centers, in the homes of participating families, and in cooperative programs with several school districts. The overall purpose of the program is to provide services aimed at assisting low-income children and children with special needs  to meet their development needs before they start school.

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