Clark County Offices

Clark County

Clerk of Courts

200 N Commercial St

Clark, SD 57225

The Clerk of Courts in each county maintains the official files on all cases brought before the court.  Clerks of Court are also empowered to act as lay magistrates if so appointed.  This office also deals with matters including child support and restitution, fines, small claims, divorces, civil court, adoption and passports.


Register of Deeds

200 N Commercial St.

Clark, SD 57225

The county Register of Deeds issues and files marriage licenses, birth and death certificates, burial permits, real estate transactions (including deeds, mortgages and mortgage transfers), federal and state tax liens, state unemployment tax, military discharge records, businesses and new business.  The Register of Deeds is also responsible for recording all liens, cancel liens, survey plat certificates and county welfare liens.  The Register of Deeds is the official county record keeper.



200 N Commercial St.

Clark, SD 57225

The Auditor is responsible for commissioner’s proceedings, agendas and records, accounting records, revenue and expense reports, voter registration and elections.  Businesses apply for beer and liquor licenses with the Auditor.  The Auditor also figures real estate and mobile home taxes and handles county bid lettings.  In many cases, the Auditor also manages medical indigent 

claims and employee drug and alcohol testing programs.  


200 N Commercial St. 

Clark, SD 57225

The Treasurer is the collector of taxes and has the duty to receive all money belonging to the county from whatever source (taxes, fines, etc.).  The Treasurer maintains accounting records and is responsible for issuing motor vehicle registration and licenses along with reporting them to the SD Department of Motor Vehicles.  

State Attorney

200 N Commercial St.

Clark, SD 57225

605-532-3712 or 605-532-3805

The States Attorney, elected by the voters of each country, appears in all courts of the county to prosecute or defend on behalf of the state or county, all actions or proceedings, civil or criminal, in which the state or county is interested or a part.


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