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Emergency Shelter

A Safe Haven

Our confidential shelter provides a healing environment for families and individuals leaving a dangerous situation due to domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking. Our shelter gives survivors of abuse and their children the space to begin to heal.

Our shelter is for short-term residence and has eight fully furnished apartments.

We know that survivors often need much more than just a haven to work through the harmful effects of violence.


Our shelter staff supports our residents in rebuilding their lives through providing:

  • Safety planning

  • Help building life skills

  • Housing assistance

  • Employment assistance

  • Legal support

  • Case management

  • Practical assistance


For the safety of our residents, our shelter is a locked facility. It is equipped with security cameras and an alarm system which allows for direct contact with law enforcement. 

Please call our 24 Hour Crisis Line at 1-800-660-8014 to speak with an advocate about shelter.

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