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Q&A with Emily Halvorson, Family Visitation Coordinator

Who can use Beacon Center’s Family Visitation Center?



What is a “visit”?

A supervised visit is a safe place for families to visit one another and establish or re-establish a relationship.


Can you walk me through a visit?

First, the custodial parent (the parent who has custody) will drop the child off. Staff will escort the child to a visitation room where they can visit the other parent or loved one. They can play games, color, work on homework, or share a meal. Visits are a minimum of one hour and a maximum of two hours. During the visit, staff will document factual information on what is happening every five minutes. At the end of the visit, staff will take the child back to the custodial parent. Once the child has left the property, staff will release the visiting party to leave.

How many visits do you average in a week?

On average, 10!


Who pays for the services?

We usually charge the visiting party unless their court order states otherwise. We have scholarships available to help offset costs.  


What is a safe exchange?

A safe exchange is when Beacon Center staff transfers the child between parents. This prevents the parents from having contact and ensures that the child does not witness an altercation between parents.  


How long have you been in this role?

10.5 years.


What is your favorite thing about your job?

The kids! I love their personalities and resiliency. As the Family Visitation Coordinator, I value the opportunity to provide a safe presence for each child who uses our services.


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