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How You Can Help

It is through the immense generosity of the Watertown residents that we are able to offer our emergency services at all hours of the day. Every contribution goes toward helping victims receive the support they need to move on from their challenging situations. If you’re interested in helping out with our Volunteering program, please reach out.

The Beacon Center offers unique ways for you to share your time and talents and contribute to the success of our mission. Please call 605-886-4304 for more information.


Women, men, teens from every ethnic background, race, lifestyle and religion can volunteer. There are no minimum work or educational requirements to volunteer. 




Receptionists do a variety of clerical projects.  This involves answering the phones and doors.


Special Needs

There are opportunities for volunteers to help with many assorted special needs:  helping with laundry, cooking, baking, cleaning, interpreting, yard work, cutting hair, and giving make-overs to the clients.


Projects and Events

There are events throughout the year that require of volunteers.  


Group Volunteer Opportunities

If your group likes to volunteer together, we have projects that are perfect for you.


Because of the nature of our agency, all interns and volunteers who work directly with the clients must be 18 years old and have a background check.  There is no cost to the intern/volunteer for the background check.


Thank you for your interest in interning/volunteering at the Beacon Center.  


The Beacon Center would be lost without its interns and volunteers!

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