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Pet Safe Haven

Research shows that offenders of domestic violence often have a pattern of abuse involving all members of the household – including children and pets. When victims of domestic violence seek to escape their abusive homes they’re not only faced with the challenge of finding shelter for themselves and their children, but also for their pets.

Many homes in the United States include a pet as a family member. In homes where domestic violence is present we also know from research the animals are often abused as well. Many victims refuse to leave because they fear for the safety of their animal. In some instances their pet maybe their only source of love and support.


Cat and Dog

In order to remove this barrier from victims leaving, Beacon Center partners with Dr. Mei-yao Louis of Westside Animal Clinic to offer pets a safe haven from domestic violence. Dr. Louis generously boards the pets of victims for up to two weeks until other arrangements are made, while they stay in the shelter at Beacon Center. Dr. Louis and her dedicated and loving staff have provided countless days of safe shelter to dogs, cats, guinea pigs and more over their years of service.

While the pets are housed with Dr. Louis clients are free to visit their furry family members for their continued love and support.

Please call and speak with Beacon Center staff about accommodations for your furry family member at 1-800-660-8014.

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