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Make a Difference

Just a few minutes of your time could change the life of someone you know.


Say the word

The American Medical Association calls sexual assault “a silent, violent epidemic.” Sexual assault is not always an easy topic to bring up. But what we can’t talk about, we can’t fix.


Get the facts

Many people never tell anyone they’ve been sexually assaulted. Often they’re afraid they won’t be believed or they’ll be blamed for what happened. Sometimes they’re ashamed.

You can make a big difference in their lives simply by learning how common misconceptions about sexual assault distort the way we see this crime and the people who survive it.

Our knowledge and understanding can encourage survivors to come forward for care, to consider reporting their assault to police and to start reclaiming their lives. You can also have an impact on our community’s willingness to bring assailants to justice.

For a look at some myths and facts about sexual assault, click here.


Get involved

Host an informational gathering for friends and colleagues; hold a garage sale and donate part of the proceeds; introduce us to local  businesses and individuals who might be able to support our work; donate creative or technical services.

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