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Life Skills Case Manager

Job Type

Full Time


Vacation, Sick, Retirement, Health Insurance Stipend, Dental, Vision, Group Term Life and 12 1/2 Paid Holidays

Responsible to 

Direct Service Supervisor

General Purpose of Position

To provide support to Beacon Center sheltered and non-sheltered clients. To Provide responsive and timely service to individuals.


Minimum of high school diploma or GED.

Higher education recommended or equivalent life experiences.

Experience working with domestic abuse and sexual assault clients preferred.

Must possess a valid driver's license, a safe driving record, and pass a background check.

Computer literacy is required.


· Demonstrate effective written and oral communication skills.

· Plan and organize work for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

· Be a team member.

· Demonstrate effective public communications and public relations skills.

· Think logically and make practical decisions.

· Be welcoming and accepting to clients and the public, by telephone and in person.

· Respond to a high degree of activity, keeping composure and self-control.

· Demonstrate initiative, accept responsibility, and participate in active problem solving.

· Demonstrate physical and emotional stamina to effectively handle job related issues and stress.

· Be a positive role model.

· Demonstrate enthusiasm, personal energy, and endurance.

· Possess awareness of cross-cultural diversity.

· Schedule flexibility.

Job Responsibilities

  • Daily check-in with shelter clients in their apartment, if applicable.

  • Complete life skills assessment with each shelter client after establishing the relationship. Building rapport with a client before completing an assessment is important in the client being comfortable talking about things they may not know

  • Keeping shelter main areas neat and clean.

  • Making sure clients are keeping their rooms tidy.

  • Assisting clients with anything from transportation to filling out housing paperwork to teaching them how to cook dinner.

  • Attend weekly direct service meeting.

  • Assisting in making sure shelter rooms are being cleaned properly after check out.

  • Building relationships so services can continue after checkout.

  • Keeping the pantry clean and organized.

  • Respond to crisis telephone calls, law enforcement calls, crisis counseling requests, and emergency medical needs.

  • Conduct initial screenings and assessments and work with individuals, recognizing needs for safety, autonomy and confidentiality.

  • Work with shelter clients to develop and implement individualized case management goals and plans.

  • Work with ESG program clients through intensive case management.

  • Assist shelter clients with referrals in the community (medical, counseling, employment, etc.).

  • Maintain documentation and records as appropriate. Complete paperwork in a timely manner.

  • Responsible for daily entry of client data on database system.

  • Travels for agency.

  • Attends staff meetings and outreach events as assigned in person or via web.

  • Maintain weekly appointments for clients in shelter. Each client should have an appointment book. This should be brought to each appointment. If they don’t bring it with them, then they need to go back to their room and retrieve it.

  • Adhere to confidentiality policy regarding clients.

  • Transportation of clients when needed.

  • Training as needed.

  • Other duties as assigned.

  • Represent Beacon Center at community functions.

  • Assist in the development of community services.

  • Attend community functions relevant to domestic violence issues. Typically, we would be in charge of such events, but if there is something that is being held then attendance with the Rural Outreach Coordinator should be considered.

  • Articulate and adhere to the mission and vision of Beacon Center.

  • Know and consistently follow Beacon Center policies and procedures.

  • Attend assigned meetings and trainings

  • Work hours as scheduled and be flexible.

  • Answer the door and phone.

  • Perform other duties deemed necessary and appropriate.

  • Provide necessary support to the primary activities or operation of the organization.

  • DV and SA on-call when scheduled.

  • Assist with FVC when necessary.

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