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Family Visitation Center Monitor Specialist

Job Type

Part - Time - Approximately 20 hours per week


Vacation Time and Sick Time

Responsible to 

Family Visitation Center Coordinator

General Purpose of Position

As a supervised visitation monitor specialist, you will monitor visits between a non-custodial parent and child/children. Your duties focus on ensuring that the child remains safe during the interaction. Your responsibilities include intervening if the child is in danger or uncomfortable, documenting your observations of the visitation, transporting children, and maintaining a clean environment for visiting families.


· Associate degree preferred or equivalent life experiences.

· Possesses knowledge of domestic abuse, sexual assault, stalking, violence dynamics and child abuse is preferred.

· Possesses the ability to be flexible and handle complex issues.

· Must possess a valid driver’s license, a safe driving record, and pass a background check.

· Computer literacy is preferred.


  • Demonstrate effective written and oral communication skills

  • Plan and organize work for maximum effectiveness and efficiency

  • Be a team member

  • Demonstrate effective public communications and public relations skills

  • Think logically and make practical decisions

  • Be welcoming and accepting to clients and the public, by telephone and in person.

  • Respond to a high degree activity, keeping composure and self-control

  • Demonstrate initiative, accept responsibility, and participate in active problem  solving

  • Be a positive role model

  • Demonstrate physical and emotional stamina to effectively handle job related issues and stress

  • Demonstrate enthusiasm, personal energy, and endurance

  • Maintain written documentation for all supervised visitations and exchanges, and multi-media documentation when possible

  • Possess awareness of cross-cultural diversity

Job Responsibilities

First Response

· Respond to crisis telephone calls, arrest reports, crisis counseling requests, and emergency medical needs

· Make appropriate referrals to appropriate service agencies

Family Visitation Center Services

· Demonstrate understanding and work with and support the mission and purpose of the Beacon Center, and Family Visitation Center.

· Ensure that the needs of the underserved and multicultural populations are incorporated into service delivery

· Work compassionately with the women, men, and children who will use center services

· Maintain referral and other appropriate agreements between the court, law enforcement, Beacon Center, and FVC

· Respond to requests for information about program services

· Develop materials designed for outreach, community education, staff training, and other appropriate purposes related to the provision of safe supervised and exchange center services

· Arrange and oversee transportation of children in foster care.

· Conduct on-going needs assessments, including gathering feedback from women, men and children who use the FVC and Beacon Center

· Act as a liaison between CPS, Beacon Center, FVC, and Watertown community

· Make presentations to the community

· Implement and maintain model standards for the FVC

Team Member Responsibilities

· Articulate and adhere to the mission and vision of Beacon Center

· Know and consistently follow Beacon Center policies and procedures

· Keep abreast of developments in agency’s areas of service and expertise

· Attend assigned meetings and trainings

· Work hours as scheduled, which will include hours at night and on weekends

· Answer the door and phone

·  Complete paperwork in a timely manner

·  Perform other duties deemed necessary and appropriate by the Executive Director or designee

· Provide ancillary services

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