Education Services

We offer presentations and trainings tailored to the interests of a wide variety of groups and ages.

Topics can include: the problem of sexual assault in our community and ways to address it, SART’s services, alcohol and issues of consent, acquaintance rape, healthy relationships, risk reduction, how to support a friend who’s been sexually assaulted, partnering with SART, community action and change.

Groups we have addressed include:

  • middle school, high school and college students
  • parents
  • community service organizations
  • faith communities
  • business groups
  • book clubs
  • women’s groups
Professional Training and Consultation

These presentations are tailored specifically for allied professionals (such as health center staff, disabled service providers, drug/alcohol counselors) and school staff.

Topics include mandated reporting rules, identifying sexual abuse, responding to and supporting survivors, and linking agency and SART services.

For more information: 605-886-4304