Please consider how you can help us, help them.

There are many ways to choose from...

Operating Support
These gifts help to make sure that all programs and services are fully funded each year. Gifts are used, where needed most.

Endowment Support
These gifts are added to the Endowment Fund and are considered perpetual gifts--the gift is never spent, only a distribution from earnings each year. Building a strong endowment is a critical step in providing long-term security for the Beacon Center.

Memorials & Honor Gifts
Memorial gifts are given in memory of family members or friends that have passed away. Honor gifts are given in gratitude, in tribute, or in celebration of birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, special occasions, or relationships.

These are gifts of goods or services. Examples have included: professional carpet cleaning, personal care items, clothing, Christmas gifts,event passes, gift cards, & media time.

The Gift Of You!
Volunteer on-site, or for projects and events.
Host a gathering of friends to learn more about the Beacon Center